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Why a Worker’s Compensation Return-to-Work Program is Crucial to Protecting Your Business & Employees

Preventing accidents in the workplace will always be the best way to battle the ever-rising worker’s compensation insurance costs. But as you may already know, no matter how safe your work environment is, accidents can still happen, so it essential to have a strong plan in place to manage these instances and get injured workers healed and back to work as soon as possible with a return-to-work program.

When you have a proactive return-to-work program, you can lower your overall claims costs as well as your worker’s compensation incidence rate. Helping your employee get back to work as soon as possible brings a variety of benefit to your business and your employee.

  • Keep Costs Low and Maintain Productivity with a Return-to-Work Program
    If you already have workers’ compensation insurance, it is important to supplement the plan with a return-to-work program to keep costs low and retain valuable employees on your staff.
  • Reduce WC Claim Costs. The longer an employee is off due to a work injury, the higher the cost of the workers’ compensation claim. Therefore, it is important to get the employee back to work as soon as possible using transitional or modified work duties as needed.
  •  Avoid Attorney Involvement. Employees are likely to hire a workers’ compensation attorney if the employer does not work with them and stay involved, causing claim costs to increase. By demonstrating that you care and by making transitional or modified work options available you can work to avoid attorney involvement.
  • Maintain Productivity and an Experienced Workforce. Losing a worker due to injury can cause productivity to suffer and can cause you to lose experienced workers who are crucial to your company’s operations. With modified or transitional job duties, you can promote productivity while keeping your valued employees on the job where their skills are needed.
  • Reduce Benefit Costs. By bringing an injured worker back on to the job sooner rather than later, you can reduce disability, medical, FMLA, and a variety of other costs that tend to go along with a workers’ compensation claim.

Return-to-Work Program Promotes Employee Recovery and Morale

Your employees are a valuable part of your company, so you strive each day to provide them with a safe and comfortable working environment. In the event of an accident, it is essential to continue to show them the same care and attention through a proactive return-to-work program, that can provide benefits including:

  • Faster Recovery. The employee’s mental state plays a significant role in their recovery, so if they feel cared for and engaged by the company through a return-to-work program, they are likely to heal faster than an employee who feels ignored or isolated from their job.
  • Avoid the Disability Mindset. When an employee is unable to work after an injury, it can lead to depression and a loss of self-worth. Providing them with modified or transitional work can keep them engaged and earning a paycheck, helping them to avoid getting stuck in the mindset of disability.
  • Smoother Transition Back to Work. Without a strong return-to-work program, you could struggle with finding the right strategy and the best time to bring your employee back to work. If the transition isn’t handled correctly, you risk prolonging their injury and their claim.

Do You Have a Return-to-Work Strategy?

If you don’t have a return-to-work strategy, now is the time to develop and implement one. Don’t wait until an accident occurs to get workers’ compensation insurance or to develop an effective Return-to-Work program.
Contact the experts at Quantum Source Insurance Group today to learn more about how we can help you find the best workers’ compensation insurance for your company and assist you in developing an effective Return-to-Work program. Allow us to perform a comprehensive evaluation of your current policies, and so we can make the updates needed to keep your company protected in the event of a workers’ compensation claim!

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