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Transportation and Trucking

Your business relies on road safety. Transporting goods from Point A to Point B involves risks associated with your driver, your truck, the cargo, passengers, as well as others on the road, just to name a few. You can never be too protected when planning for the expected and unexpected possibilities that could occur on the open highway. Are you able to sleep at night knowing your business and employees are properly covered?

We understand the liability associated with transporting goods from the point of departure to the point of delivery.  At QSIG, we work with the following businesses to evaluate your risks while in transit:

Commercial Auto Insurance

  • Commercial Trucking Companies
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Logistic Service Providers/Freight Brokers
  • Motor Carriers

Transportation coverage:

  • Cargo Coverage– Protects the transporter for his responsibility in the event of damaged or lost freight.
  • General Liability– Provides protection for injuries or property damage to others while on your property or those using your products or services.
  • Physical Damage– Coverage for the vehicle. It covers your business for repair or replacement for damage resulting from things such as collision, fire, theft, and vandalism to your vehicles.
  • Pollution Liability – Coverage for risks associated with hauling hazardous material or other types of environmental companies.
  • Primary Liability– Protects you from damage or injuries to other people as a result of an accident. This coverage is mandated by state and federal agencies.

Contact us for more information on how we can help you obtain the best fit for your company at an affordable price.

Business Liability Insurance


With partnerships with over 200 insurance carriers, we can provide customized insurance programs for small, mid-size, and large companies to fit your company’s insurance needs and budget.

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Professional Liability Insurance

Specialty programs

We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all insurance policy. Quantum Source is here to help you find what works best for YOUR business.

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Personal Insurance Near Me


Whether it’s finding the right insurance for your teenager’s first car or securing the right coverage on your first home, we work with you to establish a plan that protects you financially from personal risks.

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Risk Management

risk management

Quantum Source can assist you in navigating through tough insurance decisions, and help you maximize insurance dollars by protecting those you love the most at an affordable cost.

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