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Protect Your Company’s Data with Cyber Liability Insurance

Using technology to conduct business comes with its own set of cyber risks. Cybercrime, whether intentional or accidental, can be devastating to your business. Hackers can compromise your company’s data resulting in lost revenue, disruption to your operations, and litigation after the data breach or hack occurs.

Although you can’t make your business entirely immune from cybercrime, you can protect it from devastating loss using cyber liability insurance.

What is Cyber Liability Insurance?

Cyber liability insurance is a combination of coverage options that can be used to protect your business from a security breach where personal employee data and other sensitive files could be compromised.cyber liability insurance

This type of insurance can cover the costs that are associated with the liability of a claim or suit against your business related to a security breach.

Many may think that only large corporations need this type of insurance, but cyber liability insurance provides benefits to companies both large and small.

Benefits of Cyber Liability Insurance

Like with most insurance policies, having cyber liability coverage can benefit your business in several ways, including:

  • Helps you pick up where your general liability policy leaves off. In many cases, your general liability policy does not include losses incurred due to the internet. With a cyber liability policy, you can cover what your general policy does not, providing you with complete coverage and peace of mind.
  • Provides reimbursement for losses. Specific cyber liability policies may cover the reimbursement of the losses incurred due to a disruption in operations and may also cover the increased costs from the aftermath of the cyberattack.
  • Makes affording legal and forensic support easier. If your business is compromised by a cybercrime, you may need to seek legal assistance and forensic support to determine where the attack came from.

Cyber liability insurance can help you afford proper legal and forensic support after a cyber-attack. It is recommended that you supplement your cyber liability insurance by putting a cybersecurity plan in place to help manage and lessen your exposure to cyber risks.

Need a Cyber Liability Policy?

Don’t wait until a data breach or cyberattack compromises your business, resulting in costly disruptions and litigation to get cyber liability policy or to develop a cybersecurity plan. Contact the experts at quantum Source Insurance today to learn more about how we can find the best cyber liability policy for your business and how we can connect you with resources for developing a cybersecurity plan.

We can work with you to determine your level of risk and help you find a plan to protect your business from cybercrime. Contact Quantum Source Insurance today to learn more!

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